New B45 models added to the shop: B110 and B271L

If you're a fan of wood baseball bats, you're going to love our latest arrivals at the shop! We're excited to announce that we now have two new B45 models in stock and ready to ship: the B110 and the B271L.

The B110 is a classic model, made from B45's trademark best birch wood, with a medium barrel and a tapered handle for a balanced feel. It's a popular choice among players at all levels, from transitioning to wood from metal to advanced MLB players.

The B271L, on the other hand, is a unique model, made from yellow birch wood, with a long barrel and a flared knob for added comfort and control. It's a great option for players looking for a slightly heavier bat with a bit more power.

Both of these bats are expertly crafted by B45, a Canadian company known for their high-quality wood baseball bats. So if you're in the market for a new bat, be sure to check out the B110 and B271L at our shop! In stock for our European pro's.

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Stocked in Europe
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